Young Nostalgia Join Nolan and Ben as they appreciate the unique style and essence of retro pop culture as it relates to current times.

The "Then and Now" series takes a look at notable actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities. Nolan and Ben discuss their early careers and how they gained notoriety, before transitioning into their accomplishments later in life.

Volume 1:

Steven Spielberg

Jerry Lewis

Paul McCartney 


Nolan and Ben are back for the second half of their two part show covering pivitol moments in televison broadcasting history. They picked up right where they left off, starting the show with the Miracle on Ice during the 1980 Olypmics. They also talk about other televised landmarks during the Cold War, popular series finales, and everything in between.


This week Nolan and Ben are bringing a brand new topic to the show! This is part one of a two part episode discussing pivotal moments in television history. Events such as the Apollo 11 Moon landing and how the breakthough musical acts on the Ed Sullivan show gathered the nation around the TV screen. Television also forever changed the political atmosphere with the first televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. 


This week Ben and Nolan go back to the Young Nostalgia roots by talking about pop culture. This time they cover the 1980s. Music was huge during this time period and brought forth the emergence of new genres as well as the return of past styles. Music videos became popular and changed the audience and artist relationship forever. To round out the episode, the guys talk breifly about a few blockbuster movies from this decade that have survived in the mainstream to this day. 


This week Young Nostalgia brings a combination of emerging technology and once common place products. Nolan discusses the prominence of artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics before moving on to biotechnology and sustainability. In the second half of the show, Ben brings up several once prevelant products and ideas that have since fallen to the wayside in our modern world. Skate keys, church keys, and milk chutes are just a few of the topics covered.


As promised, Young Nostalgia has returned! Nolan and Ben needed some time to get their lives back together after graduating college but they are now back with an all new "This Month in History." Starting a new trend in historical shows, Young Nostalgia is now focusing on quality of topics over quantity. Rather than hitting the usual large amount of events, Nolan and Ben pick out several key moments in history and expand on their build up and effects. This week's edition includes the Continental Congress, Constitiutional Conventions, entrance of atomic warfare, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

July 25, 2017  

Check out this blog Nostalgia Lovers! As much as the past is inspiring and interesting, the strides of the future are inevitable. Thinking about how far we've come is mind blowing and imagining these simple things is weird!

Check it out and let us know what you think! Is this history in the making?

Street Signs That Could Become Reality

Public radio broadcasting has left a long standing impact on culture around the world. This form of media radically changed the news and entertainment industries. This week, Nolan and Ben talk about their love for radio, historic broadcasting moments, and how radio led them to Young Nostalgia. 


Nolan and Ben are back this week with another "This Month in History!" This time it's for May. Join them as they cover milestones of the Cold War to the birth of everyone's least favorite communist, Karl Marx. The month of May is filled with with many influential, or otherwise interesting dates.


After a week off, the Young Nostalgia boys are back and have their first ever guest on the show! Chad Smith joins Nolan and Ben to talk about his record store, Retro Music and Media, and his lifelong passion with music. 


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