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February 6, 2018  

Episode 27: This Month in History - February


February is upon us and that means it’s time for a new “This Month in History.” February seems to be a common month for birthdays. Young Nostalgia covers those relevant to history and pop culture, including the birth of Norman Rockwell and Ronald Reagan. As is the common theme for “This Month in History,” the Clintons and their scandals make yet another appearance. 

Episode 26: Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer


Following the Mafia theme from last week, Young Nostalgia is diving into one of the most powerful men of the early 1900s. Charles “Lucky” Luciano controlled nearly every aspect of 1920s and 30s New York City. Luciano experienced immense fortune, prison time, and eventual deportation throughout his reign as a top mob boss. 

Episode 25: Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli


Nolan and Ben are back from an unplanned week off and bringing a brand new topic to the Young Nostalgia. This is the first in a new series of shows covering the Mafia. This episode takes listeners through a brief overview of the Mafia’s business involvements as well as a general timeline of important events. 

Then and Now: Vol. 3


The "Then and Now" series takes a look at notable actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities. Nolan and Ben discuss their early careers and how they gained notoriety, before transitioning into their accomplishments later in life.

Volume 3:

Carrie Fisher

John Williams

Norman Rockwell

Episode 24: This Month in History - January


Coming back after taking a week off, Nolan and Ben hope all their followers had a great Holiday. Young Nostalgia is bringing a new installment of This Month in History. As always, the guys take listeners through historical or otherwise interesting events that occurred in January. Topics covered in this episode include Alaska’s admittance into the U.S., Richard Nixon (once again) refusing subpoenas, and the Surgeon General’s first warning regarding cigarettes. 

Young Nostalgia: The Last Beer


As the Holiday season approaches, the crew of Young Nostalgia continues to bring top content to their listeners. Joined this time by Kyle, the trio attend the recently released Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Conflicted by the film’s theatrical brilliance opposite arguable shortcomings, the three discuss their own varying opinions regarding current Star Wars as well as the future of the franchise.

At the listener’s peril, the lowly band of hosts gracefully move through characters and plot. Spoilers abound, Young Nostalgia seeks to bring balance to the galaxy.... 

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Episode 22: World’s Edge, Where’s McCartney, and A Sight of Wonders


On this week’s episode of Young Nostalgia, Nolan and Ben decide to take another look at common conspiracy theories. Along with the theme of the previous installment, any well known individual or event seems to have a plethora of conspiracy theories associated them. The Flat Earth, Paul McCartney is Dead, and Stevie Wonder is Not Actually Blind theories, included in this episode, are all centered around prominent pop culture topics. 

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Episode 21: This Month in History - December


December is now upon us and that means it is once again time for This Month in History! The wide assortment of historical events in this week’s episode include several important dates in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s as well breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine. As in many other This Month episodes, Richard Nixon and his associates make yet another appearance with more controversial actions.

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Episode 20: The Good, The Bad, and the Future of Holiday Shopping


With Thanksgiving weekend now behind us, Young Nostalgia is taking a look at the history of Black Friday. For years, the Friday directly following Thanksgiving has brought both pain and pleasure to shoppers. Bargain prices and extremely large crowds are a perfect recipe for conflict and injury. Along with the bad, Nolan and Ben also talk about the good aspects and the future of holiday shopping.

Episode 19: Lizards, Lunar Landing, and Lee Harvey Oswald


This week Nolan and Ben are bringing a new topic to Young Nostalgia. There is hardly a historical event without a conspiracy theory and in this episode, the guys talk about some of the most common. These include lizard people controlling the human race, the moon landing being faked by the United States, and inconsistencies within reports regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.,28804,1860871_1860876_1861029,00.html