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Episode 41: This Month in Music History - July


After an unplanned week off, Young Nostalgia is back with another this Month in Music History for July! Nolan and Ben had a lot of fun talking about the premier of Casey Kasem’s “The American Top 40,” the 1985 Live Aid Concert, as well as much more in between. Listeners may notice the several technical difficulties including a facetime audio call drop as well as headphone batteries dying, but the guys powered through for another fantastic show. 

Episode 40: Dot Dot Dot Dot Dash Dash Dash Dash Dash


After a busy week off, Nolan and Ben are back with more retro pop culture for their listeners. This week brings a form of broadcasting never before heard on Young Nostalgia, Morse Code. The guys talk about Samuel F. B. Morse’s development of the code, to the modern day uses, and much more in between.

Then and Now: Vol. 5


This week’s episode of Young Nostalgia is a special edition of Then and Now. Rather than focus on the big names in retro pop culture, Nolan and Ben are talking about how radio and podcasts shaped their own lives. Starting with memories and listening habits from their childhoods, to the growth of podcasting and the beginning of Young Nostalgia. As noted in the episode, a huge thanks goes out to Ian Punnett, Shane Tilton, inspiration from Dave Shrader and Tim Dennis as well as many others.

Episode 39: This Month in Music History - June


It’s once again that time for another This Month in Music History! For June, events in the music scene follow a quality over quantity theme. From the birth of the legendary Les Paul to David Bowie’s groundbreaking “Space Oddity,” this month holds some of the most significant dates that shaped the industry into what we see today. 

Episode 38: We’re the Stuff Men Are Made Of


Welcome to the third and final episode of a new three part series on Young Nostalgia. Nolan and Ben will devote a whole episode to three of the movie industry’s top “tough guys.” R. Lee Ermey, Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne will go down in history as the quintessential raw and rugged hollywood talents.

Part three of this series covers the one and only John Wayne. From his early beginnings and the origin of “The Duke,” to the height of his career, Wayne has become the prime example of manliness and patriotism. John Wayne’s well known and prominent American values showed in his work even at times when these ideas were less popular. 

Episode 35: This Month in Music History - May


Young Nostalgia is back their second installment of “This Month in History” following the music industry format! The month of May is filled with famous musician birthdays such as Pete Townshend and Stevie Wonder. In addition, a key highlight of Nolan and Ben’s conversation is the emergence of the Grammy awards in 1959. 

Episode 34 Download Pending…


With Record Store Day wrapping up this past weekend, Nolan and Ben decided to take the time to talk about how the music industry has changed in recent years. After a lengthy discussion about the current trend in media formats, the Young Nostalgia guys move into some interesting stats about Record Store Day as well as overall music revenue and sales. 

Episode 33: This Month in Music History - April


Starting this month, “This Month in History” will have a new spin. After an entire year of TMH, Young Nostalgia is continuing the series with a focus on the music industry. This episode covers serious topics such as the tragic death of Marvin Gaye all the way to lighter events including the “We Are the World” simultaneous broadcast of 1985. As no “This Month in History” is complete without, Tricky Dicky Nixon also makes an appearance. 

Episode 31: Sad Podcasts Say So Much


After taking an unplanned week off, Young Nostalgia is back to talk about several influential music artists that plan on retiring in the following year. In part one of this two part special, Nolan and Ben dive into the vast career of the one and only Elton John. Starting with his upbringing and childhood talent, this episode also covers his rise to the top as well as his career legacy. Stay tuned for next week’s episode all about Neil Young. 

Then and Now: Vol. 4


The "Then and Now" series takes a look at notable actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities. Nolan and Ben discuss their early careers and how they gained notoriety, before transitioning into their accomplishments later in life.

Volume 4:

Margaret Thatcher
Katherine Johnson
Hedy Lamarr

April of 2018 will mark one year for Nolan and Ben’s venture into podcasting! The guys from Young Nostalgia would like to ask listeners for feedback regarding some special show ideas to celebrate this milestone. Fans are welcome and encouraged to send their thoughts via Facebook, Twitter, and email.